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I created this blog to share my life with you. In this blog, I hope to give motivation to you and take encouragement from you.

"Jiayou" is originated from Chinese, meaning to refill petrol in the machine so it works. Whenever we feel tired or disappointed, if people said this word to you. You will feel "energy being refill within you".


Friday, 26 February 2016

You will find someone in life one day

I used to tell everyone that I did not want to get married. My hubby who was trying to find his future wife but he still couldn't find her. We both joined the same event.

It was fate that brought us together. He used to pray at the temple that was about a street away from my residence about seven times a week, we did not met. Our first event organised by dating agency, we were exercising, he was just behind me! But we did not see each other. During the dinner, he was just sitting the next table beside me! We didn't see each other. Only the second follow up event, we exchanged the contact details but we did not click. He was aiming for someone in mind when he met at the event but she didn't come. I came for the follow up event because I wanted to look for a girl whom I forgot to provide my contact to her.

Our aims were different, hence we did not click.

I shall attach a video done by him to show to our guests during our wedding banquet. He did everything from the scratch to the wonderful memory for me; from planning (getting the auspicious date, sourcing the wedding venue and bridal shop and all necessary preparations that required time and money) to the end of the wedding banquet. He was a sweet person that did not want to upset my job as he knew I was devoted to it and would be pretty stressed up with additional work to do. In short, he just did not want to tire me..keke. He just wanted me to show up as a beautiful bride.

I am really grateful to him for spending the time and money to give the sweet memory to me.

I did not expect to get married but I got married instead. I just wanted to let you know to enjoy the process without stress. All thanks to my hubby who was looking for me and melted my heart to follow him all my life. Next time I shall share with you how to maintain relationship even though you are married.

You may be wondering why you cannot find your ideal partner even though you have already lowered your expectation of him or her. Nope! He or she could be a foreigner that you need to reach out to overseas or the person is just within your area that you could miss it. Join dating website to be friend first before committing to a relationship, you need to understand a person well and not rushing into a relationship, not to flirt around just for fun. Also you must be prepared to get into it and don't sadden he or she when you run away due to your unpreparedness.

Jiayou, be motivated to find someone you are finding. Good luck and I really wish you can find someone in your life. Do comment my post if you find one and share with me your experience.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Current state of me, still has not BFP (Big fat pink on pregnancy kit)

Well,...hmmm...I am a housewife, working as a housefly. Only thing I dun do is to getting fed on "free food" and lay germs on them..lols. Houseflies always greedily or I should put in a nice words...take initiative to be the food taster first or eat without paying a single cent. My mother-in-law always warns me to cover the food whenever we are not consuming it coz a third party will dirt the food. Why I classify housewife as housefly? I tell you a joke. When I was filling up a lucky draw application and suddenly a sales promoter came to chat with me. She asked what was my occupation. A slip of tougue, I answered, "I'm a housefly". She was dumbfounded and gave me a strange stare. After I finished my writing, I looked up at her and immediately corrected my mistake by saying, "Oh, I think I have said something wrongly, did I?. I am a housewife...haha.". It was so embarrassing, I quickly dashed out of the supermarket with bags of groceries. Also, housewife has one thing in common with housefly was that we always at home.

I am looking in a bright side, everyday was adventure to me. My adrenaline may fluctuate coz I always scared myself. When I step out of the house about 1km, I will try to think, do I lock the door? do I switch off the cooker?. I will hasten my shopping trip like a race runner. Life is full of excitement for me. I will never feel bored.

My mission now is to get pregnant.

I gonna jia you. Same to you