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I created this blog to share my life with you. In this blog, I hope to give motivation to you and take encouragement from you.

"Jiayou" is originated from Chinese, meaning to refill petrol in the machine so it works. Whenever we feel tired or disappointed, if people said this word to you. You will feel "energy being refill within you".


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Funny moments in my working life (Remote desktop)

Do you know what is remote desktop? Basically this is the function to access the program of other computer using your own computer. I did not know there was such function until I worked in the hotel. The hotel was pretty small business with only thirty over rooms so they did not employed an IT  staff instead they outsourced the IT company to service our IT needs.

One day, my computer "hanged"..lols the screen just froze for half and hours. I had to admit I really did not to do anything offensively to it or did I accidentally tap on its "freeze" point. I was really doing data analysing and just pointed on the particular figure using my mouse, followed by a click. There it went  freezing in the cold. The air conditioning was also in low temperature about 21 degree celsius because my manager always felt warm in the room. What's a luck? I told myself.

There was my first time calling the outsourcing IT company for assistance. I told them about the condition of my PC and demanded them to come to the hotel immediately otherwise I wont be finished my work in the stipulated deadline. The guy whom I spoke to gave me a very illogical reply "I'm doing now, you just hold on to the line". I thought was this guy trying to be funny to tell me hold the phone till he comes to the hotel, meaning I was to hold the phone for at least an hour!. Just then, I caught my eyes on my computer screen. The cursor was moving on my screen but my mouse was still intact! I looked around in the room, my manager was nowhere in sight! There was "a thing" in the room. It's my turn to freeze, my body was still stiff to react until the IT guy suddenly talked. I finally able to move a little. Our conversation was as follows;

IT guy: "Hey are you still there?"
Me: "Yes.... (in a trembling voice)"
IT guy: "I have killed the bug and your computer should be working well"
I was confused why he told me he killed the living bug at his area and that didn't concern me at all, he should be apologetic to that little bug instead of being proud of killing it. The cursor had stopped moving. I presumed "the thing" had gone.
Me: "How can my computer just get fine if you didn't do anything to it, you was always at your desk all this while"
IT guy: "I have corrected your computer using remote."
Me: "Remote?"
He explained to me in detail what he meant by remote and the bug and I told him I told it was that "thing". He burst out laughing and welcomed me to call him again if I encountered any IT problem.

We learn along the way, I indeed learn it through a funny way then.

Enjoy and lets jiayou : )

Monday, 23 November 2015

Funny moments in my working life (A cow)

Actually my speech is worst than my writing, indeed because of my "deficiency" in speech I created smiles on others faces.

I worked in a hotel mainly catered for backpackers. There was once tourist who casually asked me: "What are you working as?". I replied "Accounts". He then looked at me in an amazing look as if I just told him a an incredible news". He reconfirmed my reply. I nodded my head. He burst out laughing and followed by my colleague at the front desk where we were at. I was taken aback and clueless on why I had done. Then he joked "why's a cow in the hotel doing?". I replied: "Doing Accounts lah". Both of them laughed pretty loudly. My colleague knew I was still in the blurred state,  unsure of what the laughter was all about. My colleague then corrected my pronunciation from "A cow"( ey kou) to "Accounts" (uh-kount). Then I realised he had mistaken I was joking with him that I was "Working as a cow doing a cow". I laughed too. It made senses in my occuption. Whenever I was asked on my occuption, I will tell them "A cow". Because I work within deadlines and slogging like mad during weekly and monthly accounts closing, does my job scope resembles "A cow"?..lols.

Hey all who read my blog, enjoy reading and continue to follow up on my subsequent post ya!

Lets jiayou in our life : )

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Funny moments in my working life (Paris)

I'm very delighted to see you are reading my blog. A big thank to you.

In my twenties and to date, I am still naive to believe every things whether it was beyond from common sense or a lame joke. To me, everyday was like a April Fool's day. 

I remembered working in a hospital earning in a pretty low wage apart from having a professional accounting certificate equivalent to a diploma certificate. They argued that my scope of work did not require accounting knowledge as I applied for a business office personnel. I acceded the given reason as I was very much wanted to work in a hospital, sound pretty noble ehh?..lols. One of my colleagues, Karen, suggested: "Lets go to either "Paris" or "Vienna" for lunch to welcome me on board". I was dumbfounded that they could be earning thousands more than me. Otherwise they shouldn't afford to travel just to have lunch. I immediately replied somewhere in town because I did not bring my passport with me. Karen immediately burst out laughing and replied me: "no passport required". I was surprised and started to think wildly again: "Could the hospital own a helicopter? Are we giving a VIP (Very important Person) status while working in the hospital?" With such a low wage, I could benefit such privilege, it was such a good deal indeed.

It's lunch time. We gathered ourselves at the hospital entrance to go together to the destination. I was looking around for a landing platform and signs of helicopter. I was told that we could take train first. I thought the platform could be elsewhere so I followed them obediently.

We alighted at the entrance of shopping centre at City Hall area. I couldn't remember the name of the building. We walked towards a buffet restaurant. Karen asked me to look up. You guess what I was a embarrassing. The restaurant was named Pariss. I was been teased for a few days. How about Vienna? There's indeed a buffet restaurant name "Vienna" too.

I'm actually a person with common sense but I seldom use it because I trust more on people than the fact...Lols..I live simpler with simpler expectation in life. Sometimes, I realised I gained more than I pin for.

Although some matters or things could be not in your favour at this moment, why not take these moment to pray at and concurrently do your best to think a way to make it works. Don't give yourself high expectation on result if you have already did your best. Sometimes, it will hinder your thinking because the ambitious thought was obstructing your innovation thinking out of the box. 

There is the Chinese belief that in order to succeed, you need three conditions which are Tian Shi 天时 (right time), Di Li 地利 (right place) and Ren He 人和 (right people). Meaning you need to meet the right people in a right place and time. With the blessing of god in your belief and your good effort, I believe you will succeed one day.

Try getting some moment to pray and mediate everyday. The answer should be within your unconscious mind that have yet to unveil. Also, you will feel better gradually day by day either emotionally and physically.

I am also trying to pray and mediate. Let's jiayou ad be motivated together: )

Monday, 16 November 2015

Funny moments in my working life (Appraisal)

My first job appraisal was really funny indeed..lols. Let me share with you snd make it your day.

I was only graduated from high school and was so lucky to get employed by bank. One day,  my branch manager summoned me to her office. I was anxious while approaching to her room because I could deduce I must have gotten a complaint from customer again. This was not the first time I went into her room anyway since my six months career in the bank. The feeling was so deja vu. I used to summon by my school principal in the past, the same feeling I had when I walked to the principal room. 

I knocked on her door and had a "calming" look at her. I got mentally prepared with the lecture. She told me to take a seat. I was thinking, she usually lectured me while I was standing. This time, I was been offered a seat. "This time must be very long lecture" I thought. She was flipping some papers and said to me: "I shall give you an appraisal". I cracked a smile, a smile as if I struck a lottery. You would never guess why I was so happy to have appraisal because I mistook "A praise". my mind started to think wild and kept recapping which customer whom I served so well till he or she complimented me, as such I got "a praise" from my branch manager. My smile was still "fixed" on my face. My manager lifted up her head and asked me in a stern tone: "Why you are so happy doing appraisal". 

I replied her: "because you want to praise me, can you let me know which customer gave the compliment to me? Can I take a look on the compliment letter?". I began to grin from ear to ear. Her look was so stunned that made me puzzled why she found it hard to praise me. Suddenly she broke up in laughter, so loud that my colleagues started to peek in the room through a window in the door. She handed the papers she was reading when my mind ran wild. The form stated "Yearly appraisal exercise". 

I gave her a pretty lost look. She changed the appraisal into another term which I could easily understand. "You received report book in school yearly?, she asked. I nodded my head. She continued "Now I am like your form teacher telling you the grade and performance you had with us". 

My heart began to beat from "soothing music to pop music". Anyway, she still leniently gave me a satisfactory grade. I was pretty grateful to her kindness.

Do you just laugh? So perhaps smile abit....hehe...maybe not so funny to you. I shall keep up to let you know more of me.

Lets jiayou : )

Friday, 13 November 2015

Funny moments in my working life (Parrot)

I started working full time in a permanent job in the bank at the age of eighteen. It was a immediate switch from high school to office clerk. I was pretty immature in thinking and always caused troubles to my immediate superior. It was kind of her that she did not ask me to leave the bank..lols. I met all kind of customers, as mentioned in my first blog, I was not very fluent or strong in English. I remembered that was one caller spoken to me in a strong English accent. In order to ensure my understanding of his questions to me, I repeated his questions in every words and asked him was I correct. He was patiently replied me it was correct and I answered his question. However, he asked many questions following by my "to and fro" repeats, he was no longer replied me that my answer was correct. Our last conversation was like this:
Him: Are you a parrot?
Me repeated his question: Am I a parrot?
After "registering" the question to my brain, I replied: No Sir, I am not a parrot
Him in a annoying tone: then STOP repeating my questions and just answer them, can you?
Me in timid tone: Yes Sir.
I began to cover my mouth when he finished his sentence so I wouldn't automatically repeat his questions and listened very carefully to him.

I realised after I hanged up the call. I was indeed too lazy to listen in the past and always sought for affirmation. If not him who "corrected" my habit, I wouldn't be learning to listen to others.

Instead I got saddened by him yelling at me, I should be thankful to him for giving me a wake up call.

Whenever I told my friends about that incident, they will take it as a joke. But I want to pass the message to everyone, we gonna listen rather than speak up our thoughts to the latter who wants to pass the proper message across.

I am jiayou-ing to listen so do you. Let's jiayou!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

We shouldn't overlook our five senses

If we happened to see a beggar walking around with his dirty stinky clothing, suddenly he fell down. What is your first reaction? To help him to stand up and see whether he is injured? Or simply leave him alone and continue to observe whether he can still be able to stand up himself? I am the latter because my thought had overcome the five senses and prohibited me to help the beggar. What am I saying so? Lets put replace the main subject, if I happened to see an old auntie with her neat outfit in the same scenario, I would certainly react immediately to help her. Do you get it? I am judging based on my thought to determine whether should I help, the beggar is stinky so will helping him will stain my hands.

Seriously thinking, I am more worst off than the beggar. I think the beggar will help anyone if he sees one needs help without selfish thought. For instance, when we feel pain, see a doctor and hear the nurse whispering to the doctor with the medical report. Frankly speaking, what is your first reaction? I will "exaggerate" the degree of my pain with my thinking that I may have diagnosed with serious illness. Actually the pain is bearable at the start, but seeing the "secret interaction" between the doctor and nurse. This was the real reaction from me, my stomach seemed to be more painful than it was after seeing scene, I was panicked and worried of the medical bills already. After the a few minutes, the nurse went out of the room. Guess what the doctor told me? "Let me take a look at your report". My panicky and worry immediately converted to puzzled impression....negative thought just flow.."is he trying to hide my terrible illness from me". The doctor took up the report and said to me: "Your result is negative". I was thinking "What! Negative?", this is the first time hearing "Negative" during my medical consultation, this word seem pretty bad to me. I began to ask the doctor, holding my tears, how serious my illness is? He reverted to me in his blank look: "You are fine, you could be having indigestion, let me prescribe some painkillers and digestive pills to stop the pain"...lols...due to my illogical thought, I made my adrenaline flow to my spine more than one, luckily I did not have heart attack then.

Somehow, we have forgotten to use our five senses normally in our daily life. Take my case as an example, I should just see without thought. There is nothing to think in that situation. Unless I hear the doctor told me that my condition required attention, then I need to think. We tend to think a lot, and mistake it using our five sense.

So if you saw someone giving you a nasty look, take your thought out. Unless the latter told you she was unhappy with you. Otherwise, why bother to think of it. There is so many things to think in our life. Remembering the 3P? We still need to plan, practise and progress. For instance, before I went out to do grocery, I plan what I want to buy, I shall practise my computation to determine affordability at two supermarkets then I will progress to determine which item I should buy at each supermarket to shorten my time in my grocery trip...haha.

You have a nice day ahead and jiayou in whatever you do : )

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Tough time in my marriage

I am trying for baby, its been two years that I have not obtained the results yet. I got to know I have endometriosis and fibroid in my womb from a gynaecologist whom my sister works under him. He is such a caring doctor and considerate employer to my sister. Actually I was hesitant for consultation at the gynaecology because I thought my sister could borne her beautiful daughter and I should be healthy. My sister encouraged me to go and check and have a peace of mind if I am fertile. But it turned out to be the opposite. I have problem resulted infertility, i was devastated and my mind started to go weird.

In order not to drag my hubby into my misery, I know he always pin for children of his own. Do you know what I did? I nearly did something that I would certainly regret for life. I did silly actions for the intention that he would divorce me. I gave him cold shoulder, been unreasonable and stupidly looking out a nice young girl for him so I could leave him with the girl. All these was done in pains. I cried most nights with fears I might leave him one day. I love him do much. I changed for him. From a person who only knew how to cook instant noodles to a person who learns and knows how to cook dishes. I want to leave the best food and things for him. He is a gem I found in my life. I would want to give him the best moments and things that I could. But baby...I want...he want...but the little ones do not come to us. Truthfully speaking, I was extremely saddened to see his expression whenever I tried to be nasty to him. He was looked like a naive child trying to decipher my actions to him.

One day, he could not tolerate the coldness in me. He brought me to the room and wanted to me confide to him. At first I pretended nothing was troubling me until he told me he was worried and helpless. I broke down in tears like stream continuously flowing down from the river. I let out all my miserable thoughts and my intention of finding a girl to get him remarry to her. I saw his eyes with tears and he hugged me reassuring me that he would not leave me no matter which circumstances. It pierced my heart deeper when I saw him in misery too. He told me he had been observing me after my knowledge of my medical results that I was acting abnormally to him. My character changed drastically. But he did not know what to do till he decided to confront me.

He is a gem, I love him and he loves me too. Our love is so deeply immersed to an extent that our minds could not bear to leave each other forever. We are one.

I'm still trying and is reading Guanyin bodhisattva's sutra everyday to pray for the little to come to us. I don't like to exercise and is making effort to do brisk walking. I used to dislike vegetables but I can consuming more than my meat intake.

I am jiayou-ing. Hope you can jiayou too : )

Monday, 9 November 2015

Its Monday, the so called "Monday blues" is over

How is your day? Monday can be either an exhausting day or a contented day for you. It's all depending on your judgement of the day. Actually we have happy moment during the day but we seem to forget them totally and replace them with things or people that affected your emotions. Why I am saying so? The first thing we do everyday is to open our eyes, shouldn't you be contented whereas others do not have the chance to do so...When we eat our meals, shouldn't we be contented that we afford for it whereas others cannot not afford to have a meal even for a day....When we grumble on work, shouldn't we be contented that we still hold a job, whereas others cannot even find a job for months or years. After been in the workforce for over twenty years, I know it is kind of difficult to say you are contented today especially you had faced problems with nasty/stubborn/unreasonable people or things just get into your way.

I was quite a workaholic that I always think of works, be it during meals, watching televisions and sleep even working till midnight. i would think of why my boss loaded so much work to me whereas my colleagues just did the same routine work.; why the project did not progress to what I want it?; why were my clients making things difficult for me?. I was pondered so many " why" in my life. But I did not realise they are my mentors in life too? I was a hardworking person but a pessimistic one. If I could take them as opportunities than obstacles. My colleagues could be inefficient that was why I was assigned more tasks than them. If not, I should take it as a new learning experience, the more career value I am.

I had ever let my boss knew i was overloaded with works so she could make changes in my scope. One thing to note, never thought your boss will know how much work you have been assigned, they will not know unless you tell them. Of course, don't just request to lessen your work only but provide your work statistics to your boss. Let him or her know how much time you need to work on each task. You need to be prepare that your boss will ask you on why you need to take so much effort on the task. I had tried and instead my work got reduced and some of my projects got improved from her advices. Furthermore, I was recognised as her trustworthy employee who she can dedicate the important task to me.

Rather than complaining and making my life so miserable, I had sought ways to resolve or minimise the issues that increased my stress level. How about you? When you start to grumble and complain, why don't write down the problem on notebook. Perhaps you still cannot find an alternative to resolve or minimise the problem now. Go for a rest, exercise, sleep for a night or take a nap, ensure you are refreshed, look at the problem again yourself or with your close friend. One day the problem will not be a problem, it may vanish, resolve by you or turn into opportunity.

Jiayou everyone : )

Saturday, 7 November 2015

My life in twenties to thirties

I have shared with you on my childhood life. How about my life in my twenties?

While i started to work I realised I received conditional love when I began to contribute half of my salary into the household expenses in the family. I love the way I was treated like their child in the family. The relationship between my mum and I improved. However she could treat me like a stranger sometimes. Do you know anything about karma? Karma is cause and effect from your previous life, I believed I must have done bad deed to my parents in my past life and I had to repay the debt to them in the present life. I followed this mindset to console myself whenever I have received unfair treatment and most nasty comments from my parents as they favour my sisters most.

I pinned for more concern and love from my parents, so I intended to use monetary exchange for it. I worked really hard and was very thrifty, in fact my spending. I want to give most to them, beside setting aside for my studies. I did alot of overtimes. I was not at home mostly, my absence in the family could ease the tension in my family so they could enjoy good food without worries of sharing with me. I am willing...because I was indebted to them.

No matter how they treated me, I still regard myself as their daughter. I lived as a tenant in the family,  my dad would argue with me on the increased household expenses. I felt very awful as I was the only daughter who contributed the most financially and I used the least utilities in the house. No choice, I had to cope with it financially and emotionally. Luckily, most of the companies I worked with had gyms facilities, so I could took shower before going home. I tried not to use utilities in the house as much as I could.

I remembered there was a day I requested for deferment of my monthly contributions for a year to cope with my fees in my studies. Guess what, my dad rejected my deferment, I got to contribute as usual. In the end, I gave up on my studies and slogged my life like a servant in the family without thought of marrying.

Anyway lets past be bygones. If one can live up to 100 years old, I still have sixty plus left. I shall not waste time anymore. I need to live for myself too. I worked hard two years plus for a degree and looked for my lifelong partner. I always want to be a blogger so I am into it and share my experience and hope you can share yours too.

If past is a history, we should learn from it and try not to make the similar mistakes again.
If present is an assignment, we should aim and strive for better result using our best effort. Using 3P, plan > perform > Progress. You can do it if you set your aim. Of course, you need to be mentally ready and tell yourself not to give up. Also don't let your laziness get into your way.
So future is the result of what we have done in our present, this is not the end...present will be past and future be present. The cycle is ongoing.

We should not make our yearly resolution but daily or weekly or even monthly as least, so we can make adjustment in our plan, set timeline on when you should execute your plan once you have convinced yourself that you are ready to go for it.

Jiayou, : )

Friday, 6 November 2015

My childhood moment since 7 years old

If I could speak and had my own thinking...I would probably said "No" to go home with my parents. To a home where unconditional love was no longer existed in my life, I only started to speak only at 7 years old, pretty slow learner ehh? Besides having difficulty in expressing myself in a new environment, I need to cope with my studies.

My studies ehh?...Well, I was always in second....last position. I still had the cheek to count myself "smart" because I was not in the last position. Every year, when I received my report book, I would ensure I still held my position..lols. Frankly, I was a quiet girl who daydreamed all the time, hoping a saviour can get me out of misery. I just could not catch up with my studies therefore I would sometimes "blushing" after slapped by my teacher.

My "new" family ehh? I had a Xiaoyi, my mum's youngest sister, who always drove a wedge between my mum and I. I really did not understand why she still detested me so much. However I could not  forgive her of what she and her late husband had done to a innocent 7 years old girl, physically and emotionally. Moreover,, I was able to see and communicate with spirits, not now anymore. From all these aspects, my mum found me a disgrace and evil child to her siblings. Hence, I got countless of temporary "tattoos" (scarring from caning) and "unsweetened talks" (nasty remarks) from my mum. I became more offensive and introvert.

Finally, I could not stand those treatments anymore, I attempted committing suicides and running away from home. Well, they were silly actions to do. I was lucky I did not succeed either one of these actions. Otherwise, I will miss the goodness that only came to me later in my life. I had strive through the worst. Now enjoying my goodness, I have obtained a bachelor degree and married to a sweet and caring hubby in my thirties.

To those who are currently experiencing could be a tough journey, do not give up, the goodness will come to you one day.

To parents, do not give up on your children if their studies are not desirable or their personalities  were not ordinary. Give them encouragement and unconditional love, not caning and giving nasty remarks on them. They are sensitive and hope for acknowlegement as your children, not your enemy.

To those who think their educational levels fared lowly than your peers, opt for higher education. I   obtained my degree only in my thirties. Just research on the courses that interests you and go for it. No one is stopping you except yourself.

To those who is looking for a lifelong partner, you will find him or her if you choose to. Dun stay at home, unless you are awaiting for him or her to appear at your doorstep. I met my hubby in a SDU  event and we decided to get married after three months of dating. So go research on dating events. Of course, you need to spend to dress well in the events. First impression matters.

To those who wants to have babies...hmmmm....I am still working on it..lols.

So lets jiayou! : )

Thursday, 5 November 2015

First timer writing blog on my childhood life from birth to 7 years old

Hi, I have been thinking of writing the blog since years back. Unsure of what's stopping me..hmmm..could be my poor command of English?? I did not proceed until now. I decided to open a blog to let go my thoughts, aspiration and ideas and hope to create a platform to let people pour in their happiness and grievance at work, with family as well as friends. There are some situations that you cannot share your thoughts and worries with family members, friends and colleagues. However you really need someone to confide to, be it a happy moment or sad moment. Someone whom you can share the moment to.

Let me share with you my childhood moments from birth to 7 years old.,,
I was brought up by my gugu (a Chinese words to address my dad's sister) since I was just two days old. My mum found me a nuisance because I was crying since I was carried back from hospital. Well she was rather impatient lady then, she sent me to my gugu's house. Guess what..I was sleeping soundly, accompanied by the loud sound from the television..lols. I think I was pretty tired on crying non-stop during my mum's care, there was why I slept so sweet. Since then I was taken care by my gugu and I had received comments from her family members, relatives and friends that I was such a good dependent girl and need not required much attention. In their eyes, I was a sweet and obedient girl, but not to my parents. Some aunties began to badmouth my gugu saying she was ill treating me to my mum. I was not "ill treated" by my gugu, in fact I was youngest in the house and was treated with unconditional love like a princess by her family members. However, she just could not tolerate the gossips and decided to give up her full time job to take care of me and my sister who was under the care of a paid nanny. Since then, my "princess" fate had downgraded to "servant" fate then.

At times, I really salute those people who gossips...and thanks to them. my life has changed...For those who really been attacked by those people with strong invisible weapon "Gossips", You may keep quiet and shun away their nonsensical remark, if you have strong heart to do so. If not, do not just keep quiet if things just get hurtful to you emotionally. Try dating the main gossiper out for lunch or coffee, talk to him or her on why she is making those hurtful unrealistic remarks on you. Sometimes it could be misunderstanding that leads to gossips. Clear unrealistic remarks before the situation gets worsen. Do not flare up to those people, it will make the situation even worse. Gossipers are gangs of people who will team up and show their prowess if they are aroused. Should you have better solution, feel free to share with me :)