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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Funny moments in my personal life (Glue stick and lip balm)

I am quite a short-cut person, meaning I would find ways to shorten the processes of doing something. Of course, there would be loop hole of doing such cut-cut method if I was not careful which I was in fact quite a careless person.

My lips were dry and chapped so I bought a lip gloss to moisturize it. It kinda of cumbersome to take in and out from my bag at work so I placed it on my table. My desk was full of stationary and I coincidentally placed my lip gloss beside the glue stick, both were put in a standing upright position. I had set timer on my phone to remind me to apply lip gloss stick every two hours since the start of my work. I was too focused on my work and just grabbed one of the sticks to apply on my lips. In between I drank water and these went on till late afternoon when I had mostly finished my work. I took one stick and applied my lips and to my astonishment!. It was glue stick. I went straight to the toilet to wash my mouth.

Frankly speaking, I didn't know how many times I had applied glue stick on my lips or I was luckily enough to spot it when I only used the first time. I am still safe and sound now..haha...the answer could be the latter.

At work, I still prefer to streamline processes by cutting unnecessary works to do, like giving who and who to check and verify. The problem is will the supervisors really check if they have tons of works to check. I tried to use system to proof check first then followed by only one supervisor to verify. Come on, if we pay so many supervisors to check one transaction, why bother to do that transaction if it worth even lesser than 0.001% of their salaries, plus good system would track more accurately as they do not bother how much work they are given. I got pretty stressed up and affected my results if I saw tons of manual works on my table awaiting to be completed in a day. Emotions affects the performance.
It's only Wednesday, dun rush through the day as if it was Friday. Do it slowly and steady to obtain the accuracy of the work done. Jia you!

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