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"Jiayou" is originated from Chinese, meaning to refill petrol in the machine so it works. Whenever we feel tired or disappointed, if people said this word to you. You will feel "energy being refill within you".


Thursday, 14 January 2016

Funny moments in my personal life (Learning cooking from my mother in law)

i did mot know how to cook in my early thirties because i was banned from touching the stove by my mum. She was a control freak, kitchen was like a secret chamber for her. Whenever she was cooking, i was not allowed to enter the kitchen, as if I wanted to steal her secret recipe. I ever succeeded in cooking instant noodles at home when she was not around, I cleaned the area I had touched but she knew i had used her stove. She only banned me, my two sisters could use freely and watched her when she cooked. Hmmm..u must be wondering why she was so biased? Well i thought there was only one instance, i boiled water. Coz the kettle would give a beeping sound when the water had boiled, i just did the household chores usual.  Then I remembered i needed to buy stamps from post office and immediately rushed out, forgotten the boiling water. I took only less than ten mins and heard a sharp noise coming from the house when i was outside the doorstep. I recalled the water and rushed to switch off the stove. Luckily the water had not been dried up. Cause of my slip of tougue, my mum got the news of it. Thats my fate of not able to touch stove.

My cooking skill was imparted from my mother in law who only used soya sauce, salt and pepper andshe could easily whipped a tasty dish. My hubby always said the secret lies on the freshest ingredients used that brought out the sweetness and fragrances.  I got to learn from use chopper! Knife! And peeler. I was scared coz they looked dangerous to me. I could easily cut my hand sometimes using scissors or staple. I knew this time i would sure "bleed".

I was been instructed to chop vegetables...i chopped, and chopped and chopped...suddenly the chopper landed on the floor. My mother in law of course had gotten a shock. I was pretty used of this blunder so i gave a relief my feet were intact...lols...watching me using can be as exciting as watching Jackie Chan's movie.

Now i use chopper almost every day, practice makes perfect. My mother in law praised me once for chopping fine gingers strips. Of course, i still experience cuts. I should be thankful i still able to count up to ten using my fingers...haha. I should say watching me preparing foods was like watching a Jackie Chan's movie. It was so exciting.

I had overcome one obstacle and hope u will one day. Jiayou!

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