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I created this blog to share my life with you. In this blog, I hope to give motivation to you and take encouragement from you.

"Jiayou" is originated from Chinese, meaning to refill petrol in the machine so it works. Whenever we feel tired or disappointed, if people said this word to you. You will feel "energy being refill within you".


Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Herb for my man

My sister in law happened to buy American Ginseng ( Panax quinquefolius) for us. Because I was told by some old folks before this herb is too cooling for women, especially if we wanted to conceive. Its important to keep the womb warm. We ended up didn't touch it at all till one day my hubby found it a waste to leave it spoil. I began to research on this herb. To my surprise, it is a men's tonic. One of the benefits is to promote sperm health. I'm going to let him have in for our baby planning and we shall see whether we strike a goal this month.

For those who is still trying. Jiayou! Be motivated. The little ones will sure come : )
American Ginseng

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