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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Tourmaline has solved my stomach cramps!

My previous blog mentioned I have a bad abdominal cramps as my menses is about to due. I happened to go for an event where the staff claimed that they were just advertising their product. They introduced this Tourmaline waist band. It is an elastic cotton band that can cover the whole waist. They claimed they had added Tourmaline powder with the fiber. They said the Tourmaline would ease the pain due to menses pain, backache. Furthermore it could increase Metabolism and ultra-infrared red to promote the health of the organs located in the stomach.
So I bought one. My abdominal pain was excruciating and simply wear it. Due to endometriosis and having fibroid growth, my usual pain should be increasingly pain day by day till my second day of my menses. To my surprise, the pain subsided a little and today the pain was mild comparing to two days ago. Tourmaline seem to taking effect. You may research this wonderful gem, I have researched some websites and they are said to be increasing fertility. If you are interested to the one I had bought at S$470, feel free to let me know. I will provide that company contact no. for your inquiry. I have checked with them they do not have website and intending to open a branch in Singapore. Their base company is in Japan Osaka. This is all I know about.

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