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"Jiayou" is originated from Chinese, meaning to refill petrol in the machine so it works. Whenever we feel tired or disappointed, if people said this word to you. You will feel "energy being refill within you".


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

We shouldn't overlook our five senses

If we happened to see a beggar walking around with his dirty stinky clothing, suddenly he fell down. What is your first reaction? To help him to stand up and see whether he is injured? Or simply leave him alone and continue to observe whether he can still be able to stand up himself? I am the latter because my thought had overcome the five senses and prohibited me to help the beggar. What am I saying so? Lets put replace the main subject, if I happened to see an old auntie with her neat outfit in the same scenario, I would certainly react immediately to help her. Do you get it? I am judging based on my thought to determine whether should I help, the beggar is stinky so will helping him will stain my hands.

Seriously thinking, I am more worst off than the beggar. I think the beggar will help anyone if he sees one needs help without selfish thought. For instance, when we feel pain, see a doctor and hear the nurse whispering to the doctor with the medical report. Frankly speaking, what is your first reaction? I will "exaggerate" the degree of my pain with my thinking that I may have diagnosed with serious illness. Actually the pain is bearable at the start, but seeing the "secret interaction" between the doctor and nurse. This was the real reaction from me, my stomach seemed to be more painful than it was after seeing scene, I was panicked and worried of the medical bills already. After the a few minutes, the nurse went out of the room. Guess what the doctor told me? "Let me take a look at your report". My panicky and worry immediately converted to puzzled impression....negative thought just flow.."is he trying to hide my terrible illness from me". The doctor took up the report and said to me: "Your result is negative". I was thinking "What! Negative?", this is the first time hearing "Negative" during my medical consultation, this word seem pretty bad to me. I began to ask the doctor, holding my tears, how serious my illness is? He reverted to me in his blank look: "You are fine, you could be having indigestion, let me prescribe some painkillers and digestive pills to stop the pain"...lols...due to my illogical thought, I made my adrenaline flow to my spine more than one, luckily I did not have heart attack then.

Somehow, we have forgotten to use our five senses normally in our daily life. Take my case as an example, I should just see without thought. There is nothing to think in that situation. Unless I hear the doctor told me that my condition required attention, then I need to think. We tend to think a lot, and mistake it using our five sense.

So if you saw someone giving you a nasty look, take your thought out. Unless the latter told you she was unhappy with you. Otherwise, why bother to think of it. There is so many things to think in our life. Remembering the 3P? We still need to plan, practise and progress. For instance, before I went out to do grocery, I plan what I want to buy, I shall practise my computation to determine affordability at two supermarkets then I will progress to determine which item I should buy at each supermarket to shorten my time in my grocery trip...haha.

You have a nice day ahead and jiayou in whatever you do : )

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