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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Funny moments in my working life (Remote desktop)

Do you know what is remote desktop? Basically this is the function to access the program of other computer using your own computer. I did not know there was such function until I worked in the hotel. The hotel was pretty small business with only thirty over rooms so they did not employed an IT  staff instead they outsourced the IT company to service our IT needs.

One day, my computer "hanged"..lols the screen just froze for half and hours. I had to admit I really did not to do anything offensively to it or did I accidentally tap on its "freeze" point. I was really doing data analysing and just pointed on the particular figure using my mouse, followed by a click. There it went  freezing in the cold. The air conditioning was also in low temperature about 21 degree celsius because my manager always felt warm in the room. What's a luck? I told myself.

There was my first time calling the outsourcing IT company for assistance. I told them about the condition of my PC and demanded them to come to the hotel immediately otherwise I wont be finished my work in the stipulated deadline. The guy whom I spoke to gave me a very illogical reply "I'm doing now, you just hold on to the line". I thought was this guy trying to be funny to tell me hold the phone till he comes to the hotel, meaning I was to hold the phone for at least an hour!. Just then, I caught my eyes on my computer screen. The cursor was moving on my screen but my mouse was still intact! I looked around in the room, my manager was nowhere in sight! There was "a thing" in the room. It's my turn to freeze, my body was still stiff to react until the IT guy suddenly talked. I finally able to move a little. Our conversation was as follows;

IT guy: "Hey are you still there?"
Me: "Yes.... (in a trembling voice)"
IT guy: "I have killed the bug and your computer should be working well"
I was confused why he told me he killed the living bug at his area and that didn't concern me at all, he should be apologetic to that little bug instead of being proud of killing it. The cursor had stopped moving. I presumed "the thing" had gone.
Me: "How can my computer just get fine if you didn't do anything to it, you was always at your desk all this while"
IT guy: "I have corrected your computer using remote."
Me: "Remote?"
He explained to me in detail what he meant by remote and the bug and I told him I told it was that "thing". He burst out laughing and welcomed me to call him again if I encountered any IT problem.

We learn along the way, I indeed learn it through a funny way then.

Enjoy and lets jiayou : )

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